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Reflections on the Quote….

A monthly column from church member Ruth Jones.  Ruth is a retired elementary school teacher; is a member of our Chancel choir, and participates in the Card Ministry of the Care Ministry Team.

“The man answered and said to them, “Why, this is a marvelous thing that you do not know
where he is from, yet he has opened my eyes.”  John 31


This is the day the Lord has made.

We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 1118:24

This scripture goes nicely with “Even if you can’t get over it, get on with it.”
It sure reminds me of our daughter Rachel who had an into the wind attitude that came from real self-confidence. She faced a couple of heavy trials in her life and like anyone faltered at first then squared her shoulders, got to the business at hand, and went on with life, putting a smile on her face and her best foot forward.

Our daughter Sheryl has done a great job with the challenges of her life too. She is no whiner or complainer—a real doer, trusting God to be with her through thick or thin. She presents herself as a faith example in her current battle with cancer.  We’re following the lead of our daughters as we move rapidly into our golden years and face the new normal of our lives.

Our winter into spring of 2018 presented us with challenging realities. We’ve always seen ourselves as helpers and suddenly we became the helped! Larry slipped on a patch of black ice on our driveway on February 4th and broke his hip. Sheryl was diagnosed with cancer on February 16th. I think the most traumatic part was not being able to care for her. Actually, in those 12 days we’d begun to rely on her.
Life slipped into our awkward schedule that changed from day to day. Family church family friends and neighbors joined a circle of support, comfort, love and faith so tightly around us that we had no room to fall. It was the joy in their caring that kept us going. 

On April 8th, the Sunday after Easter, after giving an emotional “thank you” to the congregation, I experienced an episode that erased my memory of the prior almost six months, putting my mind somewhere in October. Once again, our church family and some very special friends stepped up, including Pastor Bob, getting me to the emergency facility, just down the street and to send care of Larry.

My memories returned within hours except for the actual incident.  I spent three days in the hospital where I was told in firm terms by many people, “slow down, you aren’t super woman.” I hadn’t even realized I was stressed… duh!

Then, on the third day home from the hospital, would you believe it…our DOG developed diarrhea! That was a trip and a half, believe me!
I’m writing this column on August 12, 2018. Larry still can’t walk on his own and walks with the aid of two wheel-aways. We call them the “Walker Twins:” Millie, the outside twin, Tillie, the inside one. They are such a blessing in our life and are like family. Maybe we’ll have them baptized.

With their help, even though life remains complicated, we feel that we are no longer broken and have returned to a position of relative strength. Pea Pod Grocery delivers and an every three week house cleaner certainly helps.
So from this day forward it’s time to live life wholly, deliberately, and thankfully.

Dear Lord,
Help us to see each day as a gift even if it’s one I never wanted to receive. Help us to embrace the beauty and possibilities of whatevr comes our way.

Vicki Kruyper

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Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.