We are a diverse group of about 300 families, young of age as well as young of heart, who enjoy each others’ company as part of the Marlborough Congregational Church family.
     Our church is a fellowship of kindred spirits. We are united by a great conviction and a greater purpose: The conviction that God is eager to share the road of life with us. The purpose is to build community life more like unto the Kingdom of God.
     Our church is a living Church. We place the emphasis where Jesus places it – on ministering to others and on fineness of personal life.  Our church is a Church of the spirit. It puts people first. We are people who seek to know the highest, and then humbly but fearlessly seek to follow the light as God gives us ability to see the light.
     We know that no matter who we are or where we are on life’s journey, we can share ourselves with on another in the joyful adventure that is our church family.