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Historian’s Hangout

          Autumn is upon us! … mostly. In the past few Hangout writings, I’ve been letting you know what’s been going on in the world of MCC History. If you watched or were in attendance for the Sunday 10/22 service, you likely saw my stewardship announcement on behalf of history projects (ongoing and future). If you saw it, you looked at a few of our historical documents and saw some pictures of but a few of the archived items we have in our possession at Marlborough Congregational. Yet as important as these items are, it is our wonderful memories and connections to this place, to the people we know and have known, our dedication to preserving our church for future generations, and our will to do the works that keep our little church on the hill running for the benefit to all.

            As such, I also mentioned that the History Committee will be starting to reach out for interviews very soon. Our team consists of myself, Beth Alves, and Kevin McCaffrey.

There are many ways to tell your story: You may request to be interviewed at any time, write your name on the clipboard in the Guest Center (to the right heading into the lounge), send me an email, or even just catch one of us at coffee hour some Sunday! If you don’t wish to be interviewed but still want to tell your story, you may send something written or recorded via email, regular mail, on the Marlborough Congregational Church Facebook page, or leave a note at the church for me! If you feel so moved, we’d love to hear why the church is special to you! Our interview team on the History Committee will be happy to set up an interview with you or receive a written statement!

            What might we be asking? I’m glad you asked! Here are a few questions we may ask as part of an interview:

What can you tell us about the first pastor you can recall at MCC?

Where did you sit in the church/what did the church look like from your pew? 

What are some fond memories you can tell me of your time in church/what did you most look forward to when coming to church?

            Where will your stories appear? Well, as those books I mentioned last month are written and your stories inform an important part of one of the themes or topics, excerpts from your interview may be used to enhance (or even inspire) the books themselves! Of course, if you prefer to have your stories remain anonymous, just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate.

If you have something special to tell us about the history of the church or about your experience in it that keeps you coming back and you’d like it shared as part of this big ol’ history project, please consider reaching out. I know there is much to learn about our history, and there are so many wonderful things that books simply cannot tell. Every story is welcome!

For now…I’m history!

Steve Pozzato, Church Historian

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