Church Service Schedule

Church services begin each Sunday at 10:00 AM to thank God for His helping us move creatively through the week just ended and to ask His continued guidance in the upcoming week.  Coffee hour follows the service in the room to the rear of the Church sanctuary.

Sunday School 

Sunday School classes for Nursery through 5th grade take place on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM. Child care for infants and toddlers is also available.

This Month's Upcoming
Worship Schedule

November 5

All Saint’s Sunday ~ Holy Communion
Rev. MaryAnn Purtill preaching
“What’s Love Got to Do With It?”
Matthew 22:34-46 and 1 Thessalonians 2:1-8
Bernie Odoy, reader

November 12

Veteran’s Recognition Sunday
Rev. Bob Faulhaber preaching
“A Narcoleptic Faith”
Matthew 25:1-13
Youth reader

November 19

See, hear, learn, and participate
in a typical Service of Publik Worship
as was done at our church and many other
New England Congregational churches

in the 1700s
Colonial dress is optional,
but feel free to “dress for the occasion.”

November 26

Gwen Lawson preaching
“God, the True Shepard:
Great is Our Thankfulness”
Ezekiel 34:11-13
Psalm 100
Bernie Trafford, reader

  Upcoming November Events

Friday, November 17
Friends Giving Pot Luck

Saturday, November 18
8:30-11 a.m.
All are invited to help get the church Grounds ready for winter. Please bring yard equipment.

Sunday, November 26

Saturday, December 2
Breakfast With Santa


Pastor's Message...

 “If money is the root of all evil, why do churches keep asking for it?”

Those words are on a bumper sticker that sits in a plastic sleeve on a cabinet in my study. It’s a valid question. And I have a few good answers. But first, let me tell you a story….
     I had a parishioner at a previous church; let’s call her Meg, who occasionally came into my office to ask for some financial assistance. She didn’t do it often, but she often did it hesitantly. She really didn’t like asking for help [who does?] but there were times in her life when she didn’t have much choice. I know how she felt. I had to ask for help from my childhood church during my freshman year of college because I’d failed a course and lost a scholarship as a result. It terrified me to ask. So, I was sympathetic to her plight.
     Now back to Meg. I placed two crisp twenty-dollar bills in an envelope and put her name on it. With it, I included a handwritten not from her pastor; that would be me. I still include a note to this day when I hand someone an envelope like that, unless I’m in a hurry or the need is immediate. I want the recipient to know it’s a gift from the church and not from me. And I want them to not feel guilty or ashamed by receiving this gift. Like every gift from God’s hand, it’s grace. I always pray that the note conveys this clearly, and that the person reading it feels worthy of the gift. They should…because but for the grace of God could go any of us.
     It was two days later that Meg was at my door again asking for just a little more help. But this time she didn’t seem hesitant OR ashamed. She seemed excited. I told her to come back in about an hour and I’d have that little extra for her. Sure enough, she was back in about an hour and I had another envelope with one crisp twenty-dollar bill and another similar note. But as I handed it to her, I just had to ask….why was she so excited this time to ask for help? She smiled and said, “Pastor, after I left your office the other day, I felt terribly ashamed that I had to ask the church for money yet again. It makes me feel small and like I’m a failure to do that. I didn’t have enough money to buy food, and my Public Assistance check wasn’t due to arrive for another week. But when I was at the supermarket, I was in line behind a young mother who didn’t have enough to pay for HER groceries and was going to take the baby formula and diapers off the check-out counter and put them back on the shelf. I don’t know what moved me to do it, but I told her to leave those items on the shelf, and I gave her one of the crisp twenty dollar bills the church gave me and said, ‘God bless you’ to her. Pastor….I haven’t felt that good in years!!”
     It’s Stewardship season, when we ask each of you to consider making a pledge promise to the church to help support our wonderful ministries and the people who lead them. Why does the church keep asking for money? Because it doesn’t HAVE to be the “root of all evil”. It can also be the way we bless those in need, the way we teach our children to live generous lives, the means by which we create innovative and life changing ministries, seek justice and mercy, speak for those who have no voice, and welcome those who do not feel they belong anywhere else!
     A woman, down on her luck and in need of help, decides to use what little she has to help someone worse off. It’s the story of The Widow’s Mite all over again. The church gave her $40, and she gave away $20 of it…which was so much more! The math doesn’t make sense, but who ever said that the Holy Spirit was any good at math?! Remember this story when you fill out your pledge card this year. Give till it feels good….

In the Spirit,

Rev. Bob Faulhaber Jr.








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