Church Service Schedule

Church services begin each Sunday at 10:00 AM to thank God for His helping us move creatively through the week just ended and to ask His continued guidance in the upcoming week.  Coffee hour follows the service in the room to the rear of the Church sanctuary.

Sunday School 

Sunday School classes for Nursery through 5th grade take place on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM. Child care for infants and toddlers is also available.

2018 January's Upcoming
Worship Schedule

January 7
Epiphany Sunday

Holy Communion
Holy Communion is open to all who seek God and are
drawn to Christ, regardless of denomination.
The bread used is gluten-free.
Rev. Bob Faulhaber preaching
“What Mary DIDN’T Know”
Matthew 2:1-12
Communion Anthem by Chancel Choir
Special Music by
Carolyn Brodginski and Pastor Bob

January 14

Second Sunday After Epiphany
Rev. Bob Faulhaber Jr. preaching
“All Things New”
Revelations 21:1-7

 January 21 

Third Sunday after Epiphany
Rev. Bob Faulhaber Jr. preaching
Mark 1:1-11

3 p.m.
Ordination and Reception
for Denise Peterson

January 29

Fourth Sunday After Epiphany
[Third graders receive Bibles]
Rev. Bob Faulhaber preaching
“Not So Fast…”
Mark 1:14-20

downstairs in the Great Hall
Baked Potato Luncheon
[sponsored by the Senior High Youth Group]
~ free will donation ~
Annual Meeting

  January 2018 Events

 Dorcas Women’s
All Women Invited
Friday, January 12
at noon
upstairs in the lounge
Please bring a “brown bag” lunch.

Dessert, coffee and tea provided.
(No reservation needed)
Seniors and Help for the Elderly
Guest speaker: Vi Schwarzmann
More Information?
Call Evelyn at 860.267.4642 or
Mary-Ann at 860.267.9054 

Sunday, January 28, 2018
(storm date February 4)
after Sunday worship
271th annual financial meeting of the Congregational Church of Marlborough
Note: The election of new officers and board and committee reports will be at the annual meeting in May.
Approval of 2018 Budget
2017 Statistics
2017 Report of the Treasurer
All are invited - baked potato luncheon, prepared and servedby Senior High Youth Group members.
Proceeds from free-will meal donations will benefit the 2018 February Mission Trip to Washington, D.C.


Pastor's Message...

January 2018

 Sometimes wishing DOES get things done….

It’s dawned on me that as much as I imagine everyone rushes to their mailboxes to read my REVELINGS article each month before the ink is practically dry, it’s probably closer to the truth that many of you don’t get around to it until it’s sat on your kitchen counter or dining room table being kept company by the ValuePAK coupon mailing. And that’s ok. If the church has to depend on a printed newsletter to keep you updated, we’re not making the best of the echnology available to us.
     I’m not one for making resolutions this time of year. They only lead me to being disappointed, when inevitably I fail at the task within the first month. In truth, I’m not alone. 88% of all New Year’s resolutions are broken, 46% within that first month. We start with good intentions and strong resolve, but old habits cling to us and new ones take more than that first month to settle in. Though I personally promise myself to keep dust from collecting on my treadmill [notice how cleverly I phrased that?] and to keep eating oatmeal once a day [do oatmeal cookies count?]. All that said, I’ve decided to create a WISH LIST for our little faith community. These aren’t resolutions or goals, but instead, things we MIGHT do, with enough support. Some can be purchased with dollars donated, but others just need good people deciding to get involved. So, here’s MY wish list for 2018.

  • Full staffing [approximately 20 volunteers] for our new Second Blessings Thrift Shop
  • 3 new Trustees
  • 2 new C.A.S.T. members [formally our Missions Board]
  • A video security system for Alice’s office and the Thrift Shop [$300]
  • 3 low flow toilets [$250 each]
  • An Associate Pastor to replace MaryAnn Purtill [anyone wanna get ordained?!]
  • A color printer for the office [$450]
  • New floor mat for Administrator’s office [$50]
  • Hot tub for Parsonage [I’m kidding….I just wanted to see who read this far]
  • New laptop for digital projection system [$1,000]
  • Sanctuary sound system upgrades [$600 for closet system/$600 for live performance system]
  • 2 project managers for looking into lighting up our beautiful steeple
  • 2 new Members-at-Large for our Church Council
  • 2 people to oversee advertising church events to the community
  • New Bell Choir tables [$100 each]

     The good news is that we’ve already gotten a $3,000 gift from a very generous family that wants us to be able to enhance and expand our ministries. Now we need to decide how to allocate that investment in who we might yet become and how we might yet serve others. Maybe you’d like to buy a chair mat for Alice, a Bell Choir table for Dave, or something real sexy like a low-flow toilet [and no…it can’t be in honor of my 25 years of being ordained!]. Maybe you have the skills to help us proclaim who we are through local or social media, or have a few hours to spare each month to staff the new Thrift Shop.
     Here’s your chance to grant wishes and strengthen your church for the next generation. And don’t worry…we’re going to post these items and more on a special bulletin board in the lounge. Maybe you’d like to be in charge of THAT little project! In Paul’s Letter to the Hebrews it says, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for, and assurance of what we do not yet see.”
     What do YOU see for 
us in this new year? I hope it is something I’ve listed above.

In the Spirit,

Rev. Bob Faulhaber Jr.








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