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Ever have that feeling that you know you’ve stored something away but you don’t know for sure where it is? Then we put it away, but we don’t forget about it…not entirely, anyway. Then we find it again and say to ourselves “Oh! I forgot I had this!”

In reality, history isn’t something we forget; it’s something we often put into storage. But history shouldn’t be put away forever. Even if we don’t do certain things the way we once did and even if we don’t use a thing anymore, they’re all part of our story and experiences. MCC has so many wonderful historical items.  They tell us so many things in so many ways. Where have we come from? How have we grown? Where will we be heading next? By bringing out those things and by informing one another as to what we’re looking at, we acknowledge that past. We learn from it and then spring on into our future. Most importantly: folks have an opportunity to talk about them and ask questions.

You might notice some of those things popping up around the church buildings.

In our amazing balcony there is a display case. Until recently it had only a commemorative plate from our 250th Anniversary in it with an abridged Marlborough History booklet alongside. Now, if you make it up there, you’ll see it has a large and beautifully illustrated (and fairly old) family bible in it. There were no family names in it, so I don’t know to whom it belonged (so if you see the book and you know, PLEASE tell me so I can get that posted). There are a few other older books in there as well as the commemorative plate for your viewing pleasure. I’ll be rotating them out monthly.

Then there’s the “sign” that was found in the balcony…well…before it was the balcony that reads “Church Remodelled Oct 1888.” You might remember having seen it in the pastor’s office in the corner, propped up against the back wall and then, most recently, atop the black bookcases. Now it’s in the hallway which leads from the Sanctuary into the lounge. Cheryl Brodell graciously accepted when asked to trace the faint chalk with a more permanent writing medium and it has been sealed. More to come on that…

Bottom line is this: those things we never forgot but had stored away…they’re on their way back out into the light, so keep an eye out for them! Enjoy them, ask about them and, if you know more about them, please share your knowledge and help further that conversation!

As for me…I’m history!

Steve Pozzato, Church Historian

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