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Greetings and Happy Holidays! For those who don’t know me, I’m Steve Pozzato and I am excited to be serving as your official Marlborough Congregational Church Historian. Each month I’ll be contributing “Historian’s Hangouts” to Echoes so I can fill everyone in on interesting findings of historical significance from within the church, from congregants and folks who have been around a while with stories to share, and from town and county records. First, though, I thought I’d share with you one of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a student of history in my own life: history isn’t just found in old papers and deeds. It’s alive!! Accurate historical narratives come from the people who are living through it, just as we’re doing now. If it happened five minutes ago, it’s already history!

While I’ll learn a lot from our collection of documents, photographs old and new, and items stored in the attic, it’s the stories attached to them that will make those findings engaging and exciting for all of us. It is the story, not the written word, that makes history vibrant. Therefore, I would absolutely love it if folks would begin sharing their memories, photographs, documents, postcards, or whatever else you might have of interest concerning Marlborough Congregational from any point in our 275 years (Happy Anniversary!!). There are so many pieces of evidence from MCC’s past which speaks to its special place in history. So…why is it special to you and where does it fit into your story? I’d love to know so we can tell the story of Marlborough Congregational together!

Find me at coffee hour after service or connect another way at your leisure. I’d love to hear your stories and experiences and, if you have some photos, even better! Keep an eye out for “Historian’s Hangout” each month…there is sure to be some awesome historical info and great stories. So long for now…I’m history!

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