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           Here we are in a brand new year, and already we’re in February! Time can go ahead and slow down anytime now…

            After a wonderful year assembling a history committee, working on various projects in that field, and all kinds of items popping up from all over the church and buildings, 2023 was sure a busy year for the folks working on history! With that said, 2023 is now history itself (har har), and 2024 is shaping up to be another busy year, only this year, all of that work that folks have been doing is going to being to be less behind the scenes and more presentation! Thank you very much to everyone for being so excited alongside us on this journey through our history!

            There are several projects in the works as far as the history of Marlborough Congregational Church is concerned, and I’d like to talk about some of them as we move forward. First, the initial history book will be printed and will be available in the church in the near future, and you can expect to read about the early days of Marlborough Congregational. You’ll read names, dates, and you’ll get a good deal of history about the very first years our little church on the hill came into being. For much of this, there are many documents which outline the history of MCC, and I’d like to take a moment to thank those historians who came before and wrote such wonderful histories of the early church. It was so much easier to understand from those reports what I was digging into with some of our oldest documents. I want to express thanks for that, because it made connecting the dots much easier!

            Next, there will be some new history items which are being compiled for our website, though that is in its beginning stages. With photos shared from inside our church, outside our church, and even as far away as Georgia, the life of our church is starting to come into focus (see, these puns just HAPPEN, I’m telling you). Some pictures in the life of our church will be physical as well as it happens, and by summer, you’ll be viewing them on your way into the lounge, but I don’t want to spill all the beans on that just yet.

            Lastly (for this edition, anyhow, and are you sick of parentheses yet?), folks have been finding all sorts of items and framed photos, drawings, and pencil sketches of our church and buildings from our history. As they have now come back into the light, the plan is to talk to folks and see where we can’t get them out and in the open!

            2024 is going to be a great year all around. After all, we just kicked it off by holding the official installation of Pastor Val, which was so awesome! And you know…that’s history right there, in so many ways! There are so many things always happening in the life of our little church, and in terms of history…there will be projects for you to see very soon!

Time to go live in some history!

Steve Pozzato, Church Historian

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