Town of Marlborough Juneteenth Celebration 6/22!

Come as a stranger, leave as a friend

“…the people living in darkness have seen a great light” Matthew 4:16

Last week I had a dinner guest challenge religion saying it was all a fairy tale. This is what happens to pastors. People either tell you about an incredible God experience or challenge their religion. I replied saying, “Well, that is a pretty significant fairy tale we have been celebrating it for 2,023 years.”

There may be times when some may wonder if all of this is true. We may ask if this is all a fairy tale created by man to explain the unexplainable. Those who have attended seminary often wonder about these things.  As students we learn about the thousands of other faiths practiced around the world and we learn how religious belief has a lot to do with culture and geography.

Many of us may miss our childhood faith. As adults we may wonder about the miracles of Jesus, and we could use a miracle or two these days. We may wonder about Jesus’ defying death; we may wish those we love to rise from the dead.

No matter what doubts we may have about Christ, there is always something we can believe in, nature. Somewhere in history, the birth of Christ was scheduled to be celebrated around the winter solstice, the longest night.  The pagan celebration meshed with Jesus’ birth because someone thought that made sense; it does make sense; we cannot separate God and nature.  Jesus brought light into a dark world. After December 21st, the winter solstice, our days get longer, and we celebrate the return of light.

If all of this is a fairy tale, then let us celebrate early man’s need to create a fairy tale.  We needed a loving and powerful entity to explain our pain and our sorrow, and to give thanks to the one who instilled incredible joy in our lives.

Even if all of this is make-believe, if it is a fairy tale, our desire for God is not a fairy tale. The newness of our lives when we are devoted to God is not a fairy tale. The joy which comes from following the teachings of Christ and serving one another is not a fairy tale. The personal transformation we have experienced and have seen in others when they become part of a loving community is not a fairy tale.

Love is not a fairy tale.

Let heaven and nature sing!

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Val

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