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MCC Church History

November 2023

Historian’s Hangout           Autumn is upon us! … mostly. In the past few Hangout writings, I’ve been letting you know what’s been going on in

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October 2023

Greetings, all! As you may recall, last month I filled you in on some of the new history projects coming up or happening already. I’d

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September 2023

Another summer is coming to a close, but as it is with life and all things, we will soon be entering a new season. That

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July / August 2023

     Summer has officially arrived!! Warmer weather, days on the beautiful lake, and incredible sunrises/sunsets abound!      This past Sunday was Children’s Sunday, and it

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June 2023

June already!? I guess that means the first five months of 2023 are…history! Harharhar. Hey, if you can’t make yourself laugh… Aaaanyhow, let’s talk about

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May 2023

 As we’ve talked about over the past year, we’re celebrating our 275th year as an established church/congregation here in Marlborough, and we’re just getting started!

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April 2023

Historian’s Hangout Ever have that feeling that you know you’ve stored something away but you don’t know for sure where it is? Then we put

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March 2023

Last month I spoke about doors and I expanded on what history “is.” I mentioned that history isn’t just what you read or are told

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February 2023

Last month we talked about filing cabinets. This month…let’s talk about doors. We have a lot of them at Marlborough Congregational; some with plaques and

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January 2023

Filing cabinets are good for holding onto stuff. They hold documents and notes and all of those things that smell wonderfully aged…things I’ve been ankle-deep

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